Runaway healthcare costs create opportunities

We all know US healthcare costs are growing at a rate most consider unsustainable. If you accept the premise that a lot of time and attention will be focused over the next decade on ways to improve healthcare quality and reduce costs (or perhaps reduce costs without reducing quality?), then there are likely to be some big changes in a very large industry, and that is likely to open up some opportunities for energetic entrepreneurs who can think a little ahead of the curve.

Well, at any rate that is the thesis of a project I am working on. I am going to be spending some time digging into this topic. The end goal is to see if we can figure out some promising areas for entrepreneurial focus. But first, we need to explore the facts a bit deeper. I am going to be capturing some of the initial results in a series of posts here, as I think they may be useful to a broader audience. The first question I am going to explore is “Just where is all that money going, and why are costs growing so fast?”.

If you are interested in getting involved with this project, helping, sharing ideas, or getting access to later portions of the work, please let me know by signing up here.

The healthcare cost series

  1. Healthcare cost growth analysis (1)
  2. Eating the seed-corn of healthcare?
  3. Top healthcare cost categories
  4. Hospitals “bent the cost curve” in the 90’s.
  5. Will Managed care return?
  6. Who pays for US healthcare?
  7. Disease through the eyes of an accountant (which diseases cost most)
  8. Disease economics drill down (top clinical conditions)
  9. Disease economics details: heart disease (coming)
  10. Disease economics details: asthma (coming)
  11. Disease economics details: back pain (coming)
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