Novel co-creation community: Longevity Collective

Cocreation groupI am going to be giving a talk on the progress we have made on our co-creation community focused on improving the quality of life as we age on Sept 25th in San Francisco. Here are some details. It’s open to the public so come along if you are interested. [Read more…]

Co-creation and aging

Last month I gave a talk on co-creation and the future of aging at the Commonwealth Club in San Francisco. You can view the entire talk below.

It’s about the intersection of several megatrends:

  • the rapid growth in the elderly in most countries over the coming decades;
  • the sad fact that society is ignoring a large talented pool of individuals who are 65 and older and have lots to contribute but who are all too often excluded from the workforce;
  • the rise of the crowd as a way to tackle societal challenges; and
  • the striking lack of high tech solutions to the many challenges of aging.

Hope you find it interesting.

Co-creating the future of aging from Richard Caro on Vimeo.

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