New Technology for Older Adults: Interview

KALWSan Francisco radio station KALW recently aired this short interview with me, on New Technology for Older Adults.

You can listen to it here:

Novel co-creation community: Longevity Collective

Cocreation groupI am going to be giving a talk on the progress we have made on our co-creation community focused on improving the quality of life as we age on Sept 25th in San Francisco. Here are some details. It’s open to the public so come along if you are interested. [Read more…]

Co-creation and aging

Last month I gave a talk on co-creation and the future of aging at the Commonwealth Club in San Francisco. You can view the entire talk below.

It’s about the intersection of several megatrends:

  • the rapid growth in the elderly in most countries over the coming decades;
  • the sad fact that society is ignoring a large talented pool of individuals who are 65 and older and have lots to contribute but who are all too often excluded from the workforce;
  • the rise of the crowd as a way to tackle societal challenges; and
  • the striking lack of high tech solutions to the many challenges of aging.

Hope you find it interesting.

Co-creating the future of aging from Richard Caro on Vimeo.

What do seniors worry about?

What seniors worry aboutOver at Tech-enhanced Life we are trying to build a co-creation community to improve the quality of life of us all as we age. And help the families of seniors “worry less”. We think the place to start is by understanding the challenges seniors face. In a series of interviews and survey questions we have been talking to the 70+ age group about what “worries them” and what “bothers them” most about aging.

I just wrote a brief post about this and linked to a presentation of the results of some surveys we did. You can see the whole post, and view the presentation here:

Financial abuse of seniors. Perception and reality diverge?

Published an article this week at Techenhanced Life about financial fraud of seniors, and a survey we ran recently that showed most seniors don’t perceive this to be an issue that worries them.

Read it here.

Solving the problem of falling in the shower for the elderly

showerOver at Tech-enhanced Life we are having an interesting virtual brainstorming session on ways to solve a particular scary problem that faces some of the elderly. We could use inputs from some more creative thinkers, or people looking for some new and promising products for the elderly.

I describe the problem below. You can join the discussion here (you need to join Tech-enhanced Life but it is free).

Join the discussion at Tech-enhanced Life: [Read more…]

Wanted: ways to age better, and people interested in them

Some colleagues and I are collaborating to identify, trial and review ways that technology can help our parents, and our patients (and us) experience a more vital and exciting life as they age.
Learn more here.

We are seeking fellow travelers who would like to join us. If you are interested, I hope you will read about what we hope to accomplish and sign up to help realize our vision of tech-enhanced life. [Read more…]

What if tech really could take 20 years off your age?

Functional ability

Functional ability declines with age. Can technology slow down the decline?

My favorite question when I meet someone with an idea for a new venture is: “what problem are we trying to solve?

Recently, I have been meeting quite a few new ventures in the “aging” space, and when I ask this question, I get a broad range of answers, many of which don’t quite resonate with me.

I am convinced there are some very important “problems” that relate to the last decade or two of life, though. And some of them might well be solvable with judicious applications of technology.

For example, here is one problem statement which gets me excited. What if we can push out the time at which we start to experience functional decline, or slow it down? [Read more…]

Aging “gray tsunami”: challenge or opportunity?

Gray TsunamiI have been doing a lot of work over the last year or two on projects that relate to our growing elderly population, and the seductive idea that novel technology may somehow make the life of the aging population better, and perhaps the care of the elderly cheaper.

The demographics are typically framed as “a challenge”. I have decided it is more useful to frame the upcoming “gray tsunami” as an opportunity. [Read more…]

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