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  1. Dear Richard,

    I find a lot in common with your post.

    I was astonished finding those three regress along the Functional Ability axis of your graph. According to my own researchб the caused by the age the “functional declines” are the following 3 kinds of functional losses, loss in:
    1. Perception (blindness, etc),
    2. Recognition (dyslexia, etc),
    3. Actuation (handicap, etc).

    I believe that the cause of such the mental diseases like Alzheimer and Parkinson are caused by perception disorders, of which suffer 20-40% of USA population.

    Despite the size of a problem, I, with colleagues from MSbeing Inc, discovered a range of possible technology devices that help solve problems of deafness, smell and taste disorders, handicap, blindness, dyslexia, autism, etc.

    We suggest access to our technologies to people from different fields of activity, from life sciences and chemistry, to genetics and proteomics, because we regard the “age problem” from different points of view. For example, we suggest instrumentation technology for human: organ genome mapping, lab-organ growth and gene switching.

    We regard the problem of recognition as the most exciting, first of all because it helps in solving the problem of understanding. The problem of understanding a bit differs from the problem of recognition in the way that understanding is inherent to a person having it. Recognizing those features by our IIS (intelligent informational system) is our current issue. There are things that should be built up from foundations, such like as a new industry for producing new products for elderly people. For example, we work on wearable electronics that visualize sounds. This product will be a big contribution for people with hearing disorders.

    Thank you very much.

    Yours sincerely,
    Yerbol Sapar

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