What if tech really could take 20 years off your age?

Functional ability

Functional ability declines with age. Can technology slow down the decline?

My favorite question when I meet someone with an idea for a new venture is: “what problem are we trying to solve?

Recently, I have been meeting quite a few new ventures in the “aging” space, and when I ask this question, I get a broad range of answers, many of which don’t quite resonate with me.

I am convinced there are some very important “problems” that relate to the last decade or two of life, though. And some of them might well be solvable with judicious applications of technology.

For example, here is one problem statement which gets me excited. What if we can push out the time at which we start to experience functional decline, or slow it down? [Read more…]

Aging “gray tsunami”: challenge or opportunity?

Gray TsunamiI have been doing a lot of work over the last year or two on projects that relate to our growing elderly population, and the seductive idea that novel technology may somehow make the life of the aging population better, and perhaps the care of the elderly cheaper.

The demographics are typically framed as “a challenge”. I have decided it is more useful to frame the upcoming “gray tsunami” as an opportunity. [Read more…]

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