Mentoring Lean healthcare startups @ UCSF. Fascinating.

I am a mentor at present in Steve Blanks course at UCSF on lean startup methodology for healthcare startups. It’s fascinating to see the methodology being deployed simultaneously across a whole cohort of startups.

The main takeaway is just how rapidly the “get out of the building” approach leads to important insights by the entrepreneur. The second takeaway for me is that this cohort approach, including a lot of learning from peers, works extremely well. [Read more…]

Can science-based startups learn from Web 2.0?

For startups developing web-focused businesses, the ecosystem has changed enormously in the last 2-3 years, almost entirely for the better. In contrast, in the world of new ventures based on hardcore science (cleantech, medical devices, biotech, etc.), as far as I can see it is more or less “business as usual”, and in some areas things have gone significantly down hill (think FDA and medical devices for example).

Being an eternal optimist, I see grounds for excitement here. It seems to me there is now a great opportunity to take some of the ecosystem improvements pioneered by the Web 2.0 folk, and adapt them to the world of science-based startups.  [Read more…]

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