About Richard Caro and this Blog

“Helping to turn scientific and technological advances into profitable businesses” is the common theme that unites my various work roles. Every day I learn something new, even though I have been doing this stuff now for over 20 years. This blog is a place to capture ideas and things I learn. I hope you find it interesting.

You can see my official bio here.

What I spend my (work) time on at present:

Why might my insights be useful?

Here are some of the experiences that underpin my ideas and opinions.

  • I am an inventor (20+ issued patents);
  • I have been a CTO, and led product development teams in startups and mid-sized companies, working on such “world-first” products as the first LASIK system for vision correction;
  • I have been a startup CEO, and personally raised multiple rounds of capital from blue chip Venture Capitalists in Silicon Valley and New York;
  • I have been an active advisor to a significant number of companies and have learned how to give effective advice that is relevant to the situations of others, and  not just to tell them “how we did it”;
  • In the course of working with a sizable number of companies in multiple industry verticals, I have seen patterns emerge of what does and does not work, and I have spent quite a bit of time trying to connect the dots and turn this into useful insights.

Learn more about my background by browsing my LinkedIn profile

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