Solving the problem of falling in the shower for the elderly

showerOver at Tech-enhanced Life we are having an interesting virtual brainstorming session on ways to solve a particular scary problem that faces some of the elderly. We could use inputs from some more creative thinkers, or people looking for some new and promising products for the elderly.

I describe the problem below. You can join the discussion here (you need to join Tech-enhanced Life but it is free).

Join the discussion at Tech-enhanced Life:

The problem: falling in the shower, breaking something, and not being able to get up

The (80 yr old) mother of a friend of mine lived alone, fell in the shower, broke her hip, and lay there for 5 hours before someone found her. It was a disaster for her health.

There are really two big problems here, and one of them at least is amenable to a technical solution.

1. How can you make it less likely people will fall in the shower?

2. If you fall and cannot get up, how can you make sure someone will come by and rescue you if you live alone?

Now there are of course various grab bars and other things to reduce the probability of falling. Perhaps there are other better ideas?

And there are PERS (Personal Emergency Response Systems) products in the form of pendants etc. But as far as I know none of them would have worked in this situation.

f there is a PERS that would have been useful for this unfortunate lady, please tell us about it over at Tech-enhanced Life. Otherwise, join our brainstorm about a possible technological solution.

Join the discussion at Tech-enhanced Life:

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