Wanted: ways to age better, and people interested in them

Some colleagues and I are collaborating to identify, trial and review ways that technology can help our parents, and our patients (and us) experience a more vital and exciting life as they age.
Learn more here.

We are seeking fellow travelers who would like to join us. If you are interested, I hope you will read about what we hope to accomplish and sign up to help realize our vision of tech-enhanced life.

Tech-enhanced life: Our mission

We are a collaborative community formed to identify, trial, review, and evaluate ways that technology can help our parents, patients (and us) experience a more vital and exciting life as they age. And, if we can’t find the right solutions out there, we may even do some collaborative invention / creation.

We plan to share what we learn or create with the world, so others can benefit from our efforts.

We believe in the power of market-driven capitalism as a force for change, so we are organized as a for-profit business. While the exact “path to revenue” is not yet certain, we expect to share the economic benefits of this adventure with you, the members of our collaborative community.

Why join us?

Are you interested in finding, using or creating new, technology-based products and services that can help your parents, or your patients, or your customers (or you) have a higher quality of life as they age?

If so, we can help you, and you can help us.

We think you will enjoy rubbing shoulders with our members, who are a pretty accomplished group of individuals.

Membership is open to anyone with an interest in the intersection of technology and aging and quality of life. There are no fees to participate

About Tech-enhanced life

The nucleus of our community is a group of technology entrepreneurs, executives from the healthcare and aging services industries, and clinicians and caregivers. We are based in Silicon Valley, but are building a global community.

We believe that aged care can benefit enormously from novel technology. But that all too often the people who understand the problems and the people who could solve those problems inhabit different worlds.

We want to bring these groups together and work collaboratively to identify or create new solutions to the challenge of living longer, with higher functionality, at costs that are affordable to individuals and to nations.

Visit the Tech-enhanced Life website to learn more

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  1. Joe Jacobs says:

    My first thought is survey different cohort ages between 55 and 80. We are likely to find vast differences in desired means of technology to raise quality of life. . . or ‘the technology device/app is has simple core functions that can be easily modified to accommodate ‘young olds’ from ‘old olds’.

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