Can there really be 452 crowd funding platforms?

Hard not to be struck by this statistic in this morning’s in-box. According to the report below from crowd, there are now 452 crowd funding platforms, and collectively they were used to raise $1.5Billion in 2011, in over a million successful fund-raising campaigns.

I thought I was on top of this space, but if this report is correct there are far more of these platforms than I know about, and far more successful crowd fund-raisings than I had imagined. Does this match anyone else’s experience?


  1. I was also surprised to see the number of platforms available, Richard! After years of trying to seek funding in London and Berlin, I sort of gave up and lived a ‘social life with meaning’ online, but now I’m picking up again.

    Mobile Image Explorer on is the public approach. Might you be the first Online Angel to sanction and bless my efforts?

    Yours gratefully in advance,

  2. Davis Jones says:

    That surprised me too. I believe the amount of deal flow, but I wonder how many of those 452 platforms are live funding platforms.


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